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Mouth Guards Can Reduce the Effects of Bruxism

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Scott Redlinger
Mouth Guards Can Reduce the Effects of BruxismBruxism is also known as grinding teeth. There are two types of bruxism; day and night. There are things that a person can do if they grind their teeth during the day.

But how do you know that you grind your teeth at night? After all, you are asleep. And how do you stop it? There is a simple device that helps countless people to stop grinding their teeth at night. It might help you as well.

Symptoms of Bruxism

If you wonder if you grind your teeth at night, it helps to know the symptoms. If you wake up with tooth pain or jaw pain, you could be grinding your teeth. If your gums are swollen in the morning it could be another symptom. If your teeth are smooth and level, you might have been grinding your teeth at night for a long time.

The Next Step
If you suspect that you grind your teeth at night, the next step is to come in and let us know what you think might be happening. We will first discover if you suffer from bruxism. Then, we will work on treating it.

One of the simplest ways to treat nighttime bruxism is with a mouth guard. It is an easy device to use. All that you will need to do is to put it in your mouth and lightly bite down. It might take a night or two to get used to it, but you will notice a difference in the mornings. It will also help for your teeth to be healthier because you will no longer be wearing down the enamel.

If you suffer from nighttime bruxism, there is a good chance that a mouth guard will make a huge difference. Come in to see us, and we will help.

Scott M. Redlinger, DMD, MD

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