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A Lack of Vitamins Could Lead to Oral Health Problems We Would Then Have to Fix

Posted on 2/10/2019 by Scott Redlinger
A Lack of Vitamins Could Lead to Oral Health Problems We Would Then Have to FixWe teach kids to eat a healthy diet. We always worry that they are getting the right amount of healthy food to get the vitamins and minerals that their growing body requires. We even remind the kids to take their vitamins before they go to bed every night.

Somehow, we forget about that as we get older. We end up with a diet that does not give the body the vitamins it craves for. That lack of vitamins causes many problems, including with oral health. A lack of vitamins leads to some specific oral health issues.

Some Problems Caused by Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins play an important role in your overall health. There are some vitamins that help specific areas of your body. Lacking these vitamins can cause problems in those areas. Deficiencies of these vitamins will cause these problems for your oral health.
•  Vitamin - This can cause a sore tongue and cracks or sores at the corner of the mouth.
•  Vitamin B3 - This can cause swelling and soreness at the tip of the tongue. It can also cause sores at the edge of the mouth and general mouth pain.
•  Vitamin B6 - This can lead to a sore, burning mouth and sores at the edge of the mouth.
•  Vitamin B12 - This causes dry mouth, sores at the end of the tongue, numbness and bleeding of the tongue.
•  Vitamin C and A - Can lead to bleeding gums and a suppressed immune system. That puts you at risk for infections and other problems with your oral health.
•  Vitamin D - This leads to softening of the teeth and bleeding gums.

The severity of the problem from vitamin deficiencies depends on how bad the problem is and how long it goes on. Correcting the problems caused may require surgical procedures and increasing the intake of vitamins through diet and supplements.

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