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How Long After Oral Surgery Should You Wait to Use Straws?

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Scott Redlinger
How Long After Oral Surgery Should You Wait to Use Straws?Going through oral surgery proves to be quite a recovery process. Our oral surgeons provide a list of rules that have to be followed in order for the patient to recover quickly without complications. Following these rules is important.

One of the rules that is listed on the paper is that the patient shouldn't use straws after having the procedure done.

Why Can't You Use Straws

Patients that have oral surgery are told that they should not use straws for a specific period of time. This is because when a patient sucks through the straw, this can dislodge the blood clot that is needed to cover the area, stop the bleeding and for it to heal over.

When the blood clot is removed, this can cause the area to not only have something known as dry socket, but it can be hard to stop the bleeding again. Sucking is forbidden for a specified amount of days due to this part of the healing process.

How Long Until You Can Use Them Again?

Our oral surgeons recommend that patients wait four to five days before using straws again after oral surgery. However, it is important to note that every patient and procedure is different. Our oral surgeons can provide more specific information and a better timeline for your unique situation after having the surgery performed.

Some procedures are not as invasive as others, so this is why the times may change based on the specific work that is done in our office.

Speak with our office today to find out how we are able to help with other oral surgery recovery questions or to schedule a time to come in and have a consult. Our oral surgeons are knowledgeable and make every patient feel comfortable when they visit the office.

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