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Why is Oral Hygiene So Important After Oral Surgery?

Posted on 5/13/2018 by Scott Redlinger
Oral Hygiene Reno-Tahoe Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center NV 89511After going through an oral surgery procedure, it's up to you to keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria and food contaminants that could cause complications.

Proper oral hygiene is necessary to make sure that your surgery isn't compromised and so that you heal properly. This means following the right procedures that we outline for you after the procedures are completed.

If you don't follow the proper steps you could end up with an infection in your mouth, or at the very least an irritated surgical site that is uncomfortable. The mouth is vulnerable to all sorts of unwanted particles and bacteria after surgery, so it's more important than usual to keep it nice and clean during this time.

Why Rinsing is So Important After Surgery

After you get oral surgery, one of the most highly recommended cleaning habits for you to follow is regular rinsing with or without salt in your warm water. Rinsing is recommended because it's useful for keep debris out of your surgical sites in a way that brushing or flossing cannot.

If you rinse regularly, you will wash away any food particles and other debris that could be sitting down in the opening in your mouth. Proper rinsing is easy to do and isn't uncomfortable either, but it's something that must be done with care. Be careful to let water drain out of the mouth on its own, and when using a salt water solution only add a single teaspoon of salt to a full cup of warm water.

Without proper hygiene after oral surgery, you could end up with an infected or irritated site in your mouth. If you have an oral issue that requires surgery, consider coming in to our office and working with our highly trained staff to resolve the problem. We have top quality oral surgeons that can resolve most oral issues.

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